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Drae - 120 Protection Warrior (EXAMPLE)

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Chapter 1:

What is your (Main) Character’s name?
(Character name and if you are an RP’er add their IC name)


In RP it's Drae Ravencrest

What are your preferred activities in WoW?
(For instance, Raiding, RP, PvP, Grinding, Pet Battles, etc.)

RP and raiding are my jam! I suck at PvP though.

Have you read and agreed to our Guild Memorandum?
(A simple yes or no will suffice, though if any questions come up DO ASK)

I have!

Chapter 2:

Your journey so far has led you to our doorstep, now that you’ve had a look around you have caught your first glimpse of who we are, is this what you initially expected?
(Feel free to elaborate to taste)

It's been real nice so far.

Behind you is the door you came in through, making you reminisce about the guilds that you’ve been a part of before, the people who you helped and helped you along the way to ultimately end up where you are now, who were they?
(What were your previous guilds, and did you have any particular reason to leave them?)

It's been such a long time ago, Kaligarus was the name I think, and they were nice people.

The world is populated by many individuals, but a thought crosses your mind, if there are so many, there’s bound to be some who are just like you, but slightly different. What would those people be like?
(Do you have any alts, what (and in the case of RP, who) are they?)

I have many!

Sitting down on a bench in the Guild Tower you see many people go about their business, perhaps some familiar faces already?
(Do you know anyone in the guild, or have you made friends already?)

I know Cohlaz, he and I went on many adventures, he keeps me alive and I take hits to the face like no tomorrow.

Digging around in your bags you find your belongings, equipment, papers, perhaps materials. You make a mental note of the supplies you should gather when you’re heading out again, what would you go gather?
(Do you have any professions, or perhaps things you are currently farming?)

I'm a blacksmith and miner at heart, though I have yet to earn any money with it :(

Chapter 3:

Another long day of adventure comes to a close, you retreat to the Blue Recluse with your fellow guildies, who do you seat yourself between?
(Any members you’ve made a connection with?)

I'm going to sit between Des and Moon and slowly kill them with my puns.

People one by one raise a glass to cheers for something to celebrate, what do you raise your drink for?
(Anything from big to small that you’ve enjoyed with us.)

Getting curve on N'zoth in a timely fashion was a real thrill at the time, and I raise my glass to that.

Sinking back into your seat you remember that setbacks are a part of life aswell, and take a moment to contemplate one to yourself.
(Anything regrettable or unfortunate that happened?)

That I never got the time to go and join the Jaina mythic mount runs.

The fleeting thought left you as quickly as it came, swiftly dispelled by an arguably awful pun made by one of the others.
(What’s the most awful, in a good or bad way, pun you’ve suffered through with us?)

How did Mafurion draw the winning card in his game of Hearthstone?

He druid.

A few more rounds and one by one the others bid you good night, and soon it is your turn, you make for your room and plop down on the bed, a last conscious thought carefully spent on the future.
(Anything you’re planning on doing, or looking forward to in the near future?)


Chapter 4:

Time flies when you spend time together, you get hoisted up after hitting the ground, who is helping you up, who do you see around you?
(Any people you like to play together with, or would call out for being helpful.)

I've got my pal Cohlaz to help me out with runs whenever, we have a good time.

You dust yourself off and reach out to help someone else up who had tripped too.
(Anyone you’ve helped along the way.)

Des and Moon finally have their polearm transmogs, all me, that was all me.

On your way back to the tower, everyone tired but satisfied with another adventure concluded, you look at the now familiar structure, thinking of what you’ve become a part of.
(Has the Guild turned out to be what you expected?)

For me it has become that and more.

You seat yourself on the very same bench you did the first time you entered, taking off your boots to tap out some adventuring dirt. People walk by and greet you as they pass, what stories would you have to share.
(What was the most memorable thing to happen so far?)

I believe it would be the massive wedding we had in Duskwood, so many people, such festivities. I really enjoyed myself.

One of the Archons walks by, carrying a pile of stuff, mostly paperwork, including your promotion papers, they glance at you and give you a small greeting before “accidentally” dropping a magic wand, then hurrying off to their office. It’s -the- magic wand that allows its user to change -anything- about the guild at a whim, what would you use it for?
(If you could change anything about the guild, what would you change?)

I'd force Blizzard to allow us to make a nicer tabard >:T