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RECRUITS! and how to become a member

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Welcome to our digital doorstep, please make yourself at home.

If you have found this page without having gotten your initial invite, please join our Discord server where the initial steps of recruitment are detailed:

Discord link:

Now that you have done that and gotten your invite, welcome!

This is our forums where we do most of our administration, signups for raids, events, major announcements and all that good stuff.

If you have made your account and would like broader forum access to sign up for raids and events please refer to the #recruits channel on our discord for the easy steps to get access. This access is also automatically granted when you finish your recruitment period and are promoted. (during recruit time this is not mandatory to get done early, waiting till your promotion is perfectly fine)

With your invite out of the way and your recruitment period of roughly two weeks having kicked in you have one more task to complete apart from enjoying your time with us!

Said task is creating your own thread on this recruitment board and copy+paste'ing the recruitment QUESTIONNAIRE into it, then fill it in. It is to be filled in by the end of your recruitment time, though finishing it early is good too!

Good luck and have fun!
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